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Deprivation Funding and Additional Needs

Deprivation Funding and additional needs


Deprivation funding makes up an element of the School’s Nursery budget. This statement explains how that funding has been planned to be used in the current Nursery year(2014-2015).

For the financial year 2014-2015, 67pence per hour per child has been allocated in this category. This creates a budget for the Nursery of £38,190.

Because the Nursery has built up expertise and very well trained staff we are able to offer up to 10 places a year for children who have disability. These places are referred to as ‘supported places’ and can involve a ‘care element’ as well as an ‘educational ‘element to the planned programme for a child.  The Nursery received £19,000 of SEN funding for the school year 2014-15.

The two categories of funding mentioned above  give a total income of £57,190

The funding for March  2014-April 2015 was  used in the following ways:

  • The equivalent of 3.5 full time Teaching Assistants are employed by the school to meet the needs of children with long term and complex needs. They are all qualified to a minimum of Level 2 childcare and SEN and have built up areas of expertise in their work, for example – Makaton signing, the use of Picture Exchange Communication Systems (ACC’s)and Behaviour Management techniques. This team of staff are led by our Inclusion Manager, who plans programmes, liaises with parents and professionals and who ensures that a child’s needs are met and that there future needs are planned and prepared for. This year the cost was – £67.034
  • To help us to meet the needs of the Polish speaking children in the Nursery we have 80% (4 days a week) Polish speaking TA. Our TA helps the children to settle and to learn the routines of the Nursery session. She does this by talking to the children as they play so that English can be introduced/reinforced where it is used. Our TA will translate for us and help us to communicate more effectively and sensitively with non- English speaking parents so that they develop a sense of belonging and identify with the Nursery. This year the cost was- £12,352.
  • All the children have weekly sounds and letters small group work. This programme has been very successful in introducing children to and planning progression for speaking and listening, sound discrimination towards reading. The Key worker who plans this programme works closely with the Nursery staff so that elements of the programme can be repeated and reinforced by the Key workers across the week. This year the cost was- £9,996.
  • All children entitled to free school meals are offered a reduced cost place on the summer playscheme.

Some children come to the Nursery having experienced upsets in their lives that mean that they need extra support The Nursery has provision for some play therapy. This has a termly cost of £630.

The cost of the initiatives listed above total £91,012, the income received =£57,190 plus £7,300 statutory funding from the Local Authority. The difference between income and expenditure is taken from the Formula funded Nursery Budget. We are yet to receive £1,900 for the Spring term 2015 EYPP (Early years Pupil Premium).

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