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EYPP Funding Statement

EYPP Funding Statement


Early Years Pupil Premium. Autumn Term 2018

30 children in the 3-4 year-old cohort were confirmed as being eligible for EYPP. The funding allocation for 2018-2019 was £8010.42

Barriers to educational achievement:
  • Housing evictions and re-locations impacting on learning and development
  • Lack of parental involvement in children’s learning
  • Living and learning in two languages
  • Marriage/relationship break down and the impact on children’s emotional development
  • Lower than expected levels of speech and language development on entry
  • Complex SEND (special educational needs and disabilities) needs
Funding used in the following way:
  • Contribution to the GA (general assistant) salary costs, to enable the teachers/key workers to use their time directly to address the teaching, learning and development needs of individual children
  • Contribution to Teaching Assistant salary giving additional support to enable all children to engage in a range of learning opportunities
  • Targeted group work to reinforce learning and pre-teach where applicable
  • Language/listening/attention and speaking skills (for risk of delay). This enables us to target the use of Level 4 SEND Teaching Assistant time to provide additional support.
  • Contribution to provide each child with a piece of fruit/veg each day
  • Contribution to cost of lunch cover for 30 hours children
Impact of EYPP measured by:
  • Entry and progress data for identified children
  • Number of children identified and actioned for targeted group work
  • Observational evidence of progress of children attending speech/language and communication groups or who have individual programmes
  • Attendance data of children
  • Teacher/key worker ‘contact time’ with key groups and individual children
  • Termly progress checks/conversations
  • Creation of class provision map reviewed termly
Summer 2018 £3092.55
Autumn 2018 £2226.00
Spring 2019 £2691.87
Total funding received from EYPP that contributes to cost of additional support. £8010.42
Expenditure Sample of children
1.      Lunch cover £203.31  x1 child
2.      Autism Training x2 £165.00  x3 children
3.      Anna Ephgrave Staff Training all £175.00 All
4.      STEP Training TMH x1 £350.00 All
5.      Attention Autism Training x3 £950 x4 plus yellow class
6.      TA salary – Wellcomme

Plus £357.00 for materials

*£1100.00 X5 T.A support / x2 Wellcomm
7.      TA salary pm £4800 x1
8.      TA salary full time £19650 x2 1:1 / x4 Shared attention
9.      Extra sessions £86.22  Cost per session per child –main room
Total cost of additional support                                                             

                                         £ 27,479.53


Total funding received from EYPP that contributes to cost of additional support. £8010.42
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