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EYPP Funding Statement

Early Years Pupil Premium. Autumn term 2016

12 children in the 3-4 year old cohort are confirmed as being eligible for EYPP. A further 4 children are being re-checked for eligibility. The funding allocation for the Autumn term is: £1,200.

Barriers to educational achievement:

 Housing evictions and re-locations impacting on learning and development

  • Lack of parental involvement in children’s learning
  • Living and learning in two languages
  • Marriage/relationship break down and the impact on children’s emotional development
  • Lower than expected levels of speech and language development on entry
  • Complex SEND (special educational needs and disability)needs

Funding used in the following way:

 contribution to the GA(general assistant ) salary costs, to enable the teachers/key workers to use their time directly to address the teaching, learning and development needs of individual children

  • targeted group work to reinforce learning and pre-teach where applicable
  • purchase of 2.5 hours of additional SALT(Speech and language therapy) a week to enable early identification and assessment of language/listening/attention and speaking skills ( for risk of delay)This enables us to target the use of Teaching Assistant time to provide additional support.
  • Children returning to nursery, identified as meeting the ‘free placed 2’s criteria’ were invited to attend the summer play scheme at a subsidised cost. This enabled staff to continue to reinforce the routines/behavioural expectations and PSED, whilst continuing to meet children’s welfare issues. This gave children a good start to the Autumn term and supported their continuous learning and development.
  • Contribution to provide each child with a piece of fruit/veg each day

Impact of EYPP, measured by:

Entry and progress data for identified children

Number of children identified and actioned for SALT/EAL targeted group work

Observational evidence of progress of children attending speech/language and communication groups or who have individual programmes

Attendance (data) of children

Teacher /key worker ‘contact time’ with key groups and individual children

Autumn term settling in programme and pace at which full time attendance is achieved

Actions and children’s progress recorded through supervision process

Review: Feb 2017


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